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 Jay Schimke soundly links key elements that add spirit and breadth to life ...

To and from --  our 4 seasons, learning paths, and music.

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Through clear and simple words, notes, ways and steps ...

To GO lead your life, LIVE fully, and support IT as WELL. 


Jay's background reveals why he has discovered what others have not -- a simple process to help adults achieve results, balance one’s life, and grow through life.   

His own conviction to achieve and live a balanced life grew from his small town Montana roots to the corporate world of American Express, to key consulting and counseling roles, and back to his own leadership and wellness consulting company, "WELL -*- Partners".

He received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Montana, and completed post-graduate studies there and beyond.  All that he has done professionally, including his first years as a School Psychologist and recent 9 years as a Therapist, has involved helping people improve their performance or their lives.

While training managers (for 14 years, as a Training Director and Human Resources Manager in two divisions of American Express and the University of Utah Medical Center), Jay developed a passion for helping people find ways to solve problems when feeling frustrated or stuck.  He observed how, even with good problem solving skills, it's easy to encounter barriers that prevent us from reaching the results we want.

Finding nothing that addressed this, he began to write his book, Go WELL Beyond the Barriers, as a hobby.  He developed this without a schedule and using his own tough quality standards -- knowing from previous experience that if it provided answers for him, it would likely do the same for others. He never imagined that this would take nearly 9 years to complete -- and would unveil such a complete, yet concise process.

How this process was built is as important as what it contains.  It is a process about balance that was produced with balance.  Jay drew on his impressive background and, while sometimes driven, he took time to "LIVE" along the way -- without knowing that this would become part of the process.  Had this been attempted under pressure to achieve, some of the pieces would likely remain undiscovered today.

Jay has a personable nature and solid skills in Performance Technology (enabling him to design effective training and performance systems), individual and group counseling, writing, course facilitation, and public speaking.  While "Management Consultant" is the industry term, Jay is perhaps best described as a talented "Development Consultant".  His book, consulting services, and public speaking/seminars all deal with development.

Jay's response to his own life events reveals more about how he's discovered key elements of living and why he does what he does.  He's faced life-threatening illnesses on more than one occasion.  Along with a healthy outlook, he has a clear and deep appreciation for how fragile and fleeting life can be -- and an unwavering commitment to help others "go live it". 

 THE 'Novel' BOOK: Go WELL Beyond the Barriers

This self-leadership book unveils the above process and is written like a novel.  Readers accompany the main character on an interesting journey across the seasons.  Piece by piece they discover the elements for achieving, balancing one's life, & growing through life.  Then they realize how easily they can remember and choose to use this in life as they "GO LIVE IT".


  The Barriers That Can Keep Us from Solving Problems Include:


Identifying the Problem
1) "I don't see a problem."
2) "Here's the problem." (not the real problem)

Determining the Cause(s)
3) "I want a solution - who cares about causes!"
4) "It probably doesn't matter why this is occurring."
5) "I can't figure out what's causing this."

Generating and Reviewing Options and Methods for Change)

6) "I can't do anything about it."

7) "I don't know how to solve this." 

8) "I can't seem to find any options." 

Selecting and Implementing an Option
9) "I don't know which option is best."
10) "I don't know how to implement this."
11) "I'm not absolutely sure this will work."
12) "I'm not sure I want to try this." 




  The Expanded, Enhanced Life Explorer's Guide:

- This Remarkably Accurate, Timeless, Interactive Product -

Was Released Following A Nearly 30 Year Journey

Spanning the Conception, Development, Distribution 

& Use of The Original Life-Encompassing 'Novel' Book.    


 WELL -*- Partners

Leadership & Wellness Consulting & Counseling

  Aim    Blend Action    Produce Results 

"Key Resources", refers to 1) the performance elements that support & shape literally all types of behavior, in all types of settings and situations; and also to 2) the critical, far-reaching role of my products & services.  These include:

Direction - Information - Motivation - Faith - Skills - Senses - Materials - People- Time - Space - $ - Feedback - Consequences 

My customers have ranged from individuals to large corporations.  Whether they seek materials, consulting, coaching, or counseling, what they share is a desire to improve. What I do is make it easier for others to improve -- pure and simple.  Identifying existing & needed support elements helps to make this happen. 

How --

To make improvements, it helps to recognize ’what produces results’. A single set of performance elements plus "action" is what it takes -- at all levels, even when we’re unaware.  I help people adjust the blend of resources and actions it takes to reach the results they want (and when the results they want are unclear, I first help them clarify what they want).

As with chemicals in one’s diet, it takes more than knowing of the critical ‘elements’ to actually use them for one’s own good. The elements become ‘key resources’ only when they actually promote progress and success. I help others to actually use and transform performance elements into resources, to produce the improvements they desire.

Who --

Given this foundation, it’s easy to see why and how this can help individuals, couples, groups/team, and organizations -- with issues as diverse as personal adjustment, achievement, relationship building, improving at tasks, getting unstuck when stuck, continuous improvement, life balance, creating or enhancing processes, or restructuring organizations or systems for enhanced effectiveness.

Each issue requires action using critical resources. The common objective is ‘to improve performance’ -- and whenever that’s what’s wanted, key performance elements -- resources and actions -- are what it takes.

 Life-Directed LeadershipTM

8 Universal Steps

to Comfortably Lead & Support Your Life

AimBlend ActionProduce Results

Easy Actions, Like Music in a Major Scale

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