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Posted by Jay Schimke on June 23, 2012 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (1)

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Life Balance: Like Learning to Ride a Bike ...

Posted by Jay Schimke on June 21, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (1)

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I went for a bike ride with my life partner yesterday ... & today I am amazed to notice how 'riding a bike' is so similar to 'balancing one's life'.

Remember how unsure you felt when you first experienced that description-defying 'balance in motion' sensation while attempting to ride that 1st bike? -- Aware that this 'free flow' could 'take you places', yet unsure how to reliably steer, control your speed, & keep your balance?

And now, years later ... even if you haven't been on a bike ... you still 'know you could do it'.  You may have even taught others to ride -- and possibly have also uttered those "it's just like riding a bike" words, to reassure someone -- that seemingly-complicated skills or 'balancing acts' in life can be 'easy to do' once you simply 'learn how'.  Well, now I'm returning this well-intended remark to you.

Years ago, as I taught leadership skills to corporate & public audiences, I was surprised by how easily I could lead others to discover & identify the types of 'key supports' or 'resources' it takes to consistently perform/do well at virtually any task.  I'd simply 1) let them pick any skill-related topic (they'd often chose a hobby or sport), and then 2) display and let them openly respond to this question: 'What it takes to be really good at (I'd insert the chosen topic here)  ___________ is ________________  ..."

They routinely would list several items (i.e. 'motivation', 'skills', 'materials', 'practice'); and would often need direction & support to identify other key items as well (i.e.'information', 'time', 'space', 'feedback', etc.).

 At the completion of this simple exercise, they'd often leave feeling excited & energized at finding this 'set of life-encompassing elements to achieve at anything', yet also a bit unsure of how to use this to actually 'go places' in life.  Much like first discovering the 'individual elements' in chemistry class, 'doing something of value'' with just this much knowledge' remained an intriguing yet distant possibility.

While 'the elements' do provide the critical foundation, there's something practical & valuable in this for us all:  Like riding that bike the first time, just knowing 'there's much to explore' and 'there are easier & quicker ways to get there' can & does take you to ... & beyond 'far-away possibilities' -- without even knowing from the start 'the elements' it takes to get there.  

Remember when you 'began learning', how quickly you wanted & managed to 'go ride & explore on your own'?  Without fully knowing, you 'gathered what you needed (e.g. your bike & your senses)' & 'did what it took' to get started, keep trying & continue on.  Away you would go ...  The surrounding 'harmony in motion' quickly supported & freed you from the need for 'training wheels'... and 'new & distant possibilities' soon were identified & reached by you.   

As we first try to learn -- & immediately 'use' & 'try to do' what it takes to simply keep our balance -- we soon realize that a relatively smooth, open surface will make it easier to move along.  With this much in place, we continue ...  keep trying ....& soon learn to make adjustments as we go ...  as we pedal, coast ... & go at different speeds ... & in different directions as well.   Before long, we begin to choose where we go ... progress at a comfortable pace ... & even discover or learn how to enjoy the journey as we go.

If only a person could learn to do this in life as a whole, huh?  Wouldn't that be something?  To actually get to places, learn new things, and comfortably 'GO' on?  These days?  Guess what?  You really can.  For life.   We each & all have this opportunity -- complete with the supportive resources & easy-to-learn skills -- to explore & learn in life, in ways that best individually fit for us as well -- literally 4 life.

Amidst my own share of falls & crashes ... I've discovered -- & have continued to learn & experience -- how this 'balancing act' plays out ... and takes a person farther ... in-through-out life.  And for me & others, the 'music connection' has also made 'what's positive yet invisible in life' to become possible, practical & real.  By actually 'doing this', we have continued to unveil 'IT' as easily doable.


'Setting a comfortable context & pace' is the critical supporting foundation to explore, learn & do more in life ... beyond riding a bike or playing music ... to lead & support one's life as well.  Additional support & simple connected steps then can & do emerge.  If you're in doubt about this, sit patiently by a nearby stream for awhile ... until you notice how the flow simply seems to continually 'happen'.  'Nature' provides the natural context -- the setting -- for the flow ... to get established & settled ... & progress & continue on ... with resources & actions ... flowing together ... at a comfortable, rythmic pace.  

Chances are good that this simple experience has & will prompt you to notice more 'life' happening around you as well.  Outside weather conditions & more can change this with time, yet natural existing pathways remain in place even when resource & flow levels change.  The is true for us in life as well.         

Fortunately for all (& despite the current & growing contrary evidence in our world), life itself still does provide a supportive 'harmony in motion' context -- with clear, connected pathways -- for each & all of us to live, flow & grow ... with the ongoing (yet often-unrealized) potential to fully & supportively voice one's spirit in life as we 'GO LIVE IT'.

We all learn from examples in life. And positive ones can carry us to more that is good. Your own experience literally forms 'your life flow'.  Explore life ... continue on, for 'goodness' sake.

Enjoy this 'journey called life'. IT really is like riding a bike. Keep your balance ... & simply expand your world of experience. Rediscover how distant dreams & remote possibilities can become real experiences for you in life as 'well'.  

When resources & actions are life-anchored & life-connected, steps become ladders ... & barriers form inviting bridges to supportive, evolving life pathways.


Comfortably lead & support your life ... Enjoy the journey ... 

You really can learn & do this (It's like riding a bike).  Above all, I wish you 'WELL'.

Thank you.


Have a 'Good' Friday (& WELL Beyond) ...

Posted by Jay Schimke on April 7, 2012 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (1)

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