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What the Readers Say


Go WELL Beyond the Barriers

Reader Comments / Feedback:


"This is exactly what I've been looking for. I really like it."

"I'm already re-reading it, at a more leisurely pace -- and I know I'll refer to it whenever I find myself 'stuck'!"

"Your warmth and compassion really shine through."

"I'm overwhelmed ... I'm on page 203 and have already felt an impact on my life."

"Your description of the changing seasons on page 134 was very touching."

"The brief passage entitled 'Could this be Your Last Flight' on pp. 170-171 impacted me more profoundly than anything else I've ever read."

"I've written down some of the points and have placed them on my refrigerator door, to remind myself to use them."

"I have enjoyed reading your book. It is easy reading, but is best digested in small chunks. It does something interesting to gently guide the reader."

"Yours is an easy reading style, and the story line is an interesting one to follow. I really like the way you have intertwined you message in such a novel (no pun intended) manner." (Award-winning author/management consultant Ed Scannell)

"Your new book is wonderful -- a powerful tool for those who have lost the upper path and find themselves in a swamp."

"While I have found many insightful and useful ideas, what I've enjoyed most is the feeling that I have received a letter from a long lost friend."


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